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1953 W. L. (Bill) Craddock Sr. started a Company called Heatcraft in Regina. The Company manufactured Sheet Metal Products for its own use. They installed furnace ducting and sold packages to some Heating Contractors and to several Rural Customers.

1956 Bill Sr. was approached by several Heating Contractors from Regina and other centers in south Saskatchewan with a proposition to stop doing heating installations, and they would support a local Manufacturer and Supply Company. He accepted the proposal. The Company Name was changed to Allied Heating Supplies. Over the next few years the addition of furnaces, registers and grilles along with other accessories occurred.

1958 In the spring of 1958 Allied Heating became a Stocking Distributor of Selkirk Chimney which was made in Winnipeg Manitoba. We continue to market Selkirk Chimney 60 years later.

1959-60 By this time Allied Heating started to run out of space and it added two additions to the facility located at 3101 South Railway which is now known as Saskatchewan Drive in Regina.

1965 The Company again needed more space to accommodate Manufacturing and the Wholesale products. The Company purchased land in the Ross Industrial Area in Regina with construction of the new facility started construction in September, 1965 with the completion in early spring 1966. Further additions were added in 1967 and 1975. The Company continued to add new Equipment to the manufacturing plant and New Wholesale items to the Wholesale Division.

1970-79 Bill Craddock Sr. retired from the Company and Bill Jr. assumed the operation which included a change in name to Inland Metal Mfg. As the business continued to grow, space continued to be an issue.

1980-1990 The Company purchased land in the Sherwood Industrial area north of the city. In 1980 construction of a new building was undertaken and part of the manufacturing was moved to this building to accommodate new equipment which allowed Inland to offer additional manufactured products. Rob became involved with the local chapter of Ashrae and served the local and regional chapters.

1990-2000 Inland Metal continued to expand with new equipment and more additions to the wholesale product lines. The change of ownership moved to the 3rd generation as Rob Craddock assumed more responsibility within the company operation pertaining to manufactured products.

2001-2010 Bill Craddock Jr. stepped back from the daily operations. The commercial side of the business was expanded to do more custom manufacturing. Residential, commercial, and industrial for grain cleaning systems. Rob continued his involvement with Ashrae service on regional and national committees. Receiving awards for his contributions.

2014 An addition was made to the building at 815 McKay St to accommodate the required expansion to the sheet metal production along with the upgrading of production machinery to include the duct line and laser cutting system. 2018 Inland Metal was recognized as a 60-year distributor of Selkirk Chimney and Venting products. 2015- 2021 Inland Metal continued adding more wholesale product lines to make us a “one stop” location for all our customer’s needs.

2021 Inland Metal is just completing our website. We hope this will add easier access to our complete line of products.

On behalf of the Craddock family, we would like to say thank you to the HVAC industry for the support of a Saskatchewan business as we enter our 69th year.

Bill, Rob, and Cheryl many thanks to our staff.

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